About counselling

Counselling inspires change in and around us.

Feeling heard and supported, by someone who has your best interests at heart, increases self confidence and it becomes easier to make decisions.  As you gain awareness and coping strategies you will act differently and the people around you will respond differently.

“A lot of my friends and family have noticed how much more confident I am now – THANK YOU!” N (age 18)

If it is helpful to you I could work with the bodymind connection.  This technique frees messages that are stuck in the body, which means that you do not need to dig up or verbalise potentially difficult memories.  This is a very powerful way of working with things too painful to remember or that may have happened in early childhood.

I am trained in the Rewind Technique which can help with phobias, PTSD, trauma, some OCD and other recurring issues that distress us. I can offer this as part of our ongoing work or as an individual 2 session course.